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Cheap Driving Lessons in Sheffield

Today we are going to show you how to find cheap driving lessons in Sheffield and the opportunity of saving almost £1000 on pass your driving test. No other driving school in Sheffield openly shares these secrets.

The secrets you are going to learn are...

1. How to find cheap driving lessons in Sheffield
2. How to pass your driving test the first time
3. How to ask the killer questions to find the right driving school in Sheffield that many driving instructors in Sheffield DON'T want you to ask.

Cheap Driving Lessons In Sheffield

You will have seen many driving schools in Sheffield offering cheap deals where you can save perhaps up to £120 which at first sight looks really good, but it doesn't even scratch the surface. You can seriously save between £500 and £1000 on passing your driving test and all it takes is a bit of common sense. Today we are going to show you how to save that money and why you need to be joining our driving school.

There are 3 areas you need to focus on and it all starts with a few facts and figures published by the DVSA, these are the people who set up the driving tests and employ the examiners.
They say that on average it will take you 47 hours of professional driving tuition to pass your driving test and on average you will also need an extra 20 hours of private practice.

You can save in the region of £300 just by taking driving lessons in a different way to what the average person will do. The average person will include those who take one hour a week and those who have a few lessons then take a break before returning for a few more lessons.

When you learn to drive you must take regular lessons, as soon as you leave the car, what you have just learned starts to fade and then on the next lesson you are playing catch up. Some is down to forgetting and some is down not having practiced. You know too well if you don't practice something for a while those skills previously learned become forgotten.

cheap driving lessons sheffield

cheap driving lessons sheffield

Now if you are taking a one hour lesson each week it is entirely feasible to need at least a 15 minute recap on your next lesson, maybe more. But if it was just a 15 minute recap it means that for every 4 hours, you are wasting one hour on things you had simply forgotten.
If you apply that to the average of 47 hours, you are looking at a possible overspend of 12 hours.

Here is another £300 you can save. You will be needing on average 20 hours of private practice to top up your driving lessons, and when you add up insurance, fuel, wear and tear for just a 3 month period that can easily amount to £30 a week, which is getting on for a £400 hole in your pocket.

The Solution...

...Its simple.
Make sure your driving lessons are at least 90 minutes long, and up to two hours at a time if you are able to do that. Then you want to take a driving lesson every 3 to 4 days.
Some people have said to us "we can't afford that" and for sure we understand, but can you afford to lose all this money? Sometimes the best way is to just save up for a few short weeks, then start your training.

How To Pass First Time

And Save Another £300

We have just shown you how to save around £600, but passing first time is going to save you even more money, we think around £300...

Every learner driver would love to pass their driving test at the first attempt, its not just about saving money but its also about the relief of passing. However around 50% of people just like you will fail their driving test, and its mainly because they do not know how to pass and have never been taught how.

That seems crazy - right? "They do not know how to pass" But it is true, many driving schools in Sheffield are teaching people how to drive, which is great, but not what to expect on the driving no wonder so many learner drivers are failing.

There are 4 steps to passing your driving test and a further three checks you can make to insure you have got what it takes to be a safe driver.
To pass your test you need to be safe...but you try and define it?
That's the issue, the driving examiner wants to see you are a safe driver but lots of driving schools in Sheffield are not defining the definition so you can fully understand.

cheap driving instructors in Sheffield

cheap driving instructors in Sheffield

What you are about to read is what we introduce to you on the first driving lesson and we embed it into your training on all driving lessons so you become a natural driver.

1. You need to be obeying the highway code at all times. This will mean you are driving withing the legal framework. So things like no speeding, going through red lights etc.

2. At all time you will be in control of the car, so no coasting, stalling, bumping into things, selecting the right gear etc.

3. You will be looking out for hazards and have the ability to eliminate or avoid them.

4. You will have the will and desire to drive as a safe driver would want to.

Now imagine implementing those 4 steps on every single aspect of learning to drive, from overtaking to are going to be a great natural driver!.

cheap driving lessons sheffield

cheap driving lessons sheffield

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT its called fault detection and if you want to pass first time you need to be able to detect your faults and correct them. 

As your driving school in Sheffield we can tell you if you are ready or not, and we will share our professional opinion with you but it is crucial you can do this for yourself.

If you can't tell you are a safe driver then how are you going to convince the driving examiner? What you need to do is the following.

Before you take your driving test you will have had to have completed your progress report form. This is a document we present to you on your first driving lesson and it records all the skills you have learned and to what standard. You need to be at an independent standard, that is to say you do not need out help.

You also need to pass a mock driving test, this will prove to you you have the skills, and the right preparation to get your driving licence and it will give you a lot of self confidence.

Finally, in the driving lessons in the week or 3 before your driving test you need to be driving without our help. This is the time where we teach you advanced driving techniques so you have every opportunity of passing with flying colours.

KILLER QUESTIONS...That Many Driving Instructors in Sheffield Will Loathe

Nearly all learner drivers will ask the same questions when phoning a Sheffield driving schools. You will probably ask about prices, the car, and the pass rate. Sadly due to a massive lack of public information you can't ask the questions which will really help you get the best driving instructor in Sheffield.

cheap driving lessons sheffield

cheap driving lessons sheffield

1. Not every driving instructor is fully trained, some will practice to become a driving instructor and they will have what is called a pink licence. They get a green licence when fully qualified. Its fine having a trainee, but you need to know...only fair on you.

2. Every driving instructor receives a grade from the DVSA, the grades are A, B and fail. About 25% have an A grade, about 50% have a B grade. The ones that fail have to take the test again by may be allowed to continue to deliver lessons.

3. Ask the driving school for the grade of the instructor and also ask when was the person last graded and what courses have they since taken to maintain and develop their skills.

4. Ask what post test courses are on offer. Just that "post test courses". The best driving schools in Sheffield will also offer motorway driving lessons and Pass Plus because they know the driving test doesn't cover everything, such as driving at night, in bad weather or on motorways.



We now urge you to pick up the phone and give us a call.
You have learned so much on how to pass your driving test first time, how to save well over £500 on learning to drive and we have given you killer questions to ask any driving school in Sheffield.

No other driving school offers this sort of information and as a result we are very busy, so you must phone us to check for availablity. We can help you get your driving licence,