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This is quite radical...although we want you to book your driving lessons with us, we are gong to give you all the questions you need to help you find out who is going to be the best driving school in Sheffield for you, and we are going to show you how to save well over £500 on passing your test.

So why are we doing this? Why are we prepared to let you speak to other driving instructors in Sheffield? Well its simple, firstly we know you will like our answers a lot! Secondly we have loads of customers already and when you phone us to book lessons you need to check for availability. And finally, whatever decision you make we want you to feel we offered you a great service, just by reading our website.

The problem most people face is this, you want a good driving instructor in Sheffield but you do not have the right questions to ask. Also you would like to save money on passing your driving test and therefore getting cheap driving lessons in Sheffield is something of interest to you. 

Actually you could a lot more money than £500, we think that it is entirely possible to save almost £1000 if you take your driving lessons in the method we recommend. 

Driving Schools In Sheffield

Here Is Another £300 You Can Save

So you have already seen by planning your lessons carefully you can save £300 or so, and without needing to do anything else because you have planned in a good learning to drive schedule you can save another £300.

The DVSA also say that the average person needs 20 hours of private practice to get their driving licence, in addition to 47 hours of professional training. Typically private lessons would involve a parent, friend or member of the family who insures their car so they can teach you to drive.

We don't want to get onto the matter of you potentially picking up bad habits, that is not the point, let us just look into the cost of insuring the car, the cost of fuel and also wear and tear. It hard to calculate the cost of wear and tear on the brakes and clutch so we will leave it out of the figures, but just be aware it will cost you.

To place a learner driver on the insurance of a family car is going to differ from one person to the next, there are different factors such as the type of car, where you live, no claims bonus etc. So we will say the cost is just £25 a week, this is fairly normal.
And you pay only £5 in fuel a week.

Thats £30 a week and if you did this over 2 to 3 months, you have your £300. But by taking 2 hour lessons and having 2 lessons of professional driving tuition each week, you won't need to have private practice. 

Cheap Driving Schools In Sheffield

Passing Your Test 1st Time

No driving school can promise you will pass the driving test first time, but we can guarantee you will be ready and have all the skills needed to pass first time. 
Failing your driving test will mean more lessons, a re test and hiring of the car on the day of the test. Usually you can expect the the cost of failing to be over £300. 5 new lessons, a new test and the car hire soon mounts up.

What you are going to learn now is how to pass your driving test at the first attempt.
Everything starts with your first driving lesson, you can't believe how important it is.
We are going to teach you a 4 step rule that you will learn on every new skill you learn.

1. You need to be in control of the car at all times
2. You need to be aware of the Highway Code and follow it
3. You must be able to spot hazards 
$. You have to approach driving with a safe attitude

So whether you are learning how to do a hill start, turn right on a roundabout, reversing, or whatever, each time you will implement those four points, and as soon as you can say " yes I can do all four" then you have completed that skill.

We will give you on your first driving lesson a progress report card, it lists all the skills you need to pass your driving test and each skill is marked on the basis of your ability. You need to be marked as being independent in every single aspect of your driving, and the four step approach will make sure you can do that. 

Ok, on the driving test itself you need to impress the examiner. They are government officials and they will record your performance, do you know what they are assessing? That's right, those 4 points we have outlined to you.

By following our guidelines you can save yourself well over £500 and close to £1000 on pass your driving test.

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How To Save The Best Part Of £1000 When Taking Driving Lessons

There are 3 areas where you can look to save money, so you might just want to grab a pen to make some notes. These areas are 

1. The driving lessons you take
2. Private practice
3. Passing first time.

We believe in each area you can save around £300, so about £900 overall. 
We start by looking at some government information provided by the DVSA, if you have not come across the DVSA yet, they are the department who take care of driving instructors, driving examiners and driving tests. They actually do a lot more than that...

...Anyway, the DVSA have said there is an average number of hours taken by pupils who have completed their driving test and got their driving licence. So they expect the average learner driver will take 47 hours of professional driving lessons.
Our aim is to show you how you could reduce those hours quite significantly and therefore save a lot of cash.

You have to be mindful the average includes all different types of people, so you are going to get people who just take one hour of professional tuition a week. Then you will have people who take a bunch of lessons, miss a few weeks and take a few more lessons. 
The problem with learning that way is you forget what you have learned.

Imagine you take one hour a week, and on your next lesson you will need to recap what you did before. You would have forgotten quite a lot, so lets say you had to spend 15 minutes going over what you did last week. 15 minutes is quite a light estimate it can be much higher, but for every 4 hours of professional tuition you are wasting one hour.
So overall you are could be wasting 12 hours on average.

What you need to do is to make sure you have saved up before you start learning and take 2 lessons a week and have 90 minute or 2 hour lessons. Using this process will save you a massive amount of money, we think around £300

Driving Instructors In Sheffield

The QUESTIONS You Have Got To Ask

You have already found out there is a lack of information to help you find out who are the best driving instructors in Sheffield, so you have to rely on your gut feeling. But not anymore, we are going to make life a lot easier for you. 
To follow are a series of notes and questions that you need to be aware of before speaking to a driving instructor in Sheffield.

Most learner drivers will ask about the pass rate, the price of lessons, and what sort of car they drive, then you are left with a decision to try or not to try. But do you have the right answers..? 
Consider this...

1) 50% of all driving tests end in a fail, this is a fact provided by the DVSA. So if a driving school is claiming a very high pass rate, you need to ask "is that a first time pass rate?"
Also, qualified driving instructors are given a green badge which goes in the corner of the windscreen, it has their ADI number which the examiner records and the pass/fail rate gores against their name. So you might want to ask their thoughts on some driving instructors removing their badge when going to test.

2) All driving instructors receive a grade from a test called the Standards Check. The test is carried out by a senior driving examiner and they grade the skills of the driving instructor. Those grades are A, B and fail. 25% of all driving instructors have a grade A.

3) After you have asked for their grade, you should also ask when was their last Standards Check. 

4) And finally you can ask about what other training courses have they taken since their Standards Check to maintain and improve their performance. There are some driving instructors who are happy with the minimum of what it takes to be an instructor and others will do everything they can to be the best possible.

Think about these 4 points and once you have asked the questions you will have a much better idea if the driving instructor is the right one for you.

So what next? All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call